About Gender Matters.

This website started as a desperate attempt to organize my bookmarks which have accumulated over the past ten years of research on women in politics. Today, this website is both my professional website, my blog, and a collection of resources which I hope other scholars, activists, and students will find useful.

Under “Resources” you will have access to my collection of links to databases, organizations, publications etc. useful for gender research. “Gender Issues” will allow you to read up on specific issues on gender such as women and the workforce or women in politics. If you are looking for hard data and numbers, visit the “Gender Stats” section with links to the most important databases in the field. The collection is by no means exhaustive and clearly reflects my own research interests. If you have resources you want me to add, please contact me through the website or leave a comment with a link to the resource.

You can read all my blogs for Political Parity and privately published blog posts under “My Blog“. Under “Publications” you will find links to my own publications.

If you are looking for teaching resources in comparative or international relations, including my own syllabi, please visit the “Teaching” section.

Happy reading.