PhD.         University of Denver

 International Studies, expected 2015

Examination fields: Comparative Politics and International Studies

Dissertation: Conservative Parties and the Adoption of Feminist Policies

Martin Rhodes (Chair), Devin Joshi, Erica Chenoweth

M.A.        University of Colorado Denver

Political Science, 2009

Thesis: “How Do Liberal and Third Wave Feminist Theories Influence the Work of Women’s Organizations?”

M.A.        Ludwig Maximilians Universität (Magister Artium)

Political Science, 2008

Magister’s Thesis: “The Political Representation of Women in the European Union”

EUSC Certificate in European Union Studies in cooperation with the University System Georgia, USA


Fellowships and Awards

Travel Grant, American Political Science Association, 2014

Josef Korbel School PhD Scholarship, University of Denver, 2009-2012 

ERASMUS Scholarship of the European Union, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005-2006

Widenman Foundation Fellowship, University of Colorado Denver, 2009

Travel Grant, University of Colorado Denver, 2009


Teaching Experience

Community College of Denver, Department of Geography and Political Science, Spring 2014

Comparative Government; Adjunct Instructor (200 level)

University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Fall 2013

 Politics of Deeply Divided Society; Course Administrator (graduate seminar)

Comparative Politics: 21st century; Course Administrator (graduate seminar)

Colorado State University, Department of Political Science, Spring 2013

Introduction to International Relations; Instructor (200 Level)

International Organizations; Instructor ( seminar; 400 level)

Intercultural Communications; Invited Speaker (‘Imagined Communities – Germany’s struggles to confront its cultural diversity’; Department of Communication; upper division seminar; 400 level )

University of Colorado Denver, Department of Political Science, 2008-2013

Introduction to Comparative Politics; Lecturer (Fall 2011; 3000 level)

Introduction to International Relations; Lecturer (Spring 2013; 3000 level)

 Introduction to International Relations; Teaching Assistant (Spring 2014; Fall 2010; Spring 2009; Fall 2008)


Research Experience

Political Parity, since July 2014

Research Director

University of Denver, 2011-2012

Research Assistant (Devin Joshi, PhD): Data analysis and literature review on quality and inclusiveness of democracy

University of Colorado Denver, 2008-2009

Research Assistant (Christopher Stefes, PhD): “The diverging paths of German and United States policies for renewable energy: Sources of difference;” Published in: Energy Policy 37 (2009) 2619-2629; and “Bypassing German’s Reformstau: The Remarkable Rise of Renewable Energy;” Published in: German Politics 19, no. 2 (2010) 148-163

Research Assistant (Thorsten Spehn, PhD): Online educational project “Theories of International Relations”

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, Denver, January 2008-May 2008

Public Policy Intern; Authored two reports: Public Analysis Report on House Bill 1192 (sex education in the state of Colorado) and Report on the Access to Reproductive Health Care in Colorado including GIS mapping project illustrating access with the help of maps


Devin Joshi and Malliga Och. “Talking about my Generation and Class? Unpacking the Descriptive Representation of Women in Asian Parliaments.” Women’s Studies International Forum (Forthcoming)


“Making Sense of Global Trends in Women’s Political Representation”, Panel Chair, Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Toronto, Canada, March 2014

“Women in Asian Parliaments – Who Gets In and Who is Left Out?” With Devin Joshi. Paper for the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Toronto, Canada, March 2014

“Women as Gatekeepers – Adding Women to the Halls of Power.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, March 2013

“Women as Equal Rights Ambassadors – From Critical Mass To Critical Actors.” Paper presented at the Annual Western Social Science Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, April 2013

Discussant, Josef Korbel Graduate-Faculty Seminar Series, Joel R. Pruce – Culture Industry and the Marketing of Human Rights, Denver, Colorado, January 2011

“The Third Wave and the Struggle for Political Equality.”  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Vancouver, Canada, March 2009

“Access to Reproductive Health Care in Colorado.”  Paper presented at the Annual Mid-Atlantic Women’s Studies Conference at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, March 2009

“Women’s Rights and International Regime Theory.”  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association. Denver, Colorado, April 2009

“Public Policy Analysis: Sex Education in Colorado.”  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association. Denver, Colorado, April 2009

Memberships and Service

Editorial Board, Josef Korbel Journal of Advanced International Studies, since May 2013

Member, Public Policy Advisory Committee, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Denver, since 2013

Student Representative, Leo Block Endowed Chair in International Studies Search Committee, University of Denver, Winter 2012

 Committee Chair “UN Seminar Series,” United Nations Associations – Denver Chapter, 2011-2012

Founding Member, Leadership Council, The White House Project – Colorado Chapter, 2011-2012

Member, National Women’s Studies Association; International Studies Association; American Political Science Association

Language Skills 

German (native)

English (fluent; 7 years through grade 7-13; language course in London; college level courses)

French (intermediate; 5 years through grade 9-13; language study course in France; college level courses)

Spanish (basic; Level I and II at Colorado Free University)

Japanese (basic; Beginner course with Japan America Society of Colorado)

Thai (basic – university course and practical experience with Thai family)

Latin (advanced – seven years through grade 5-11)

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