(W&P) Europe

European Commission – Women in Politics

Provides numbers on women and men in decision-making covers the gender balance amongst politicians at European, national and regional level, including:

  1. Parliaments: European Parliament, National Parliament, Regional Assemblies, Local/Municipal Councils
  2. Political Executive: EU Commission, national governments, regional executive
  3. European Committees
  4. Political Parties: Leaders

European Database – Women in Decision Making

Country-specific data on women in politics including political presence of women, electoral quotas, electoral system, education, women employment. (last update: Sep 2000)

European Commission – Women in Decision Making

Provides figures and detailed data on women in decision making positions across sectors including: politics, public administration, judiciaries, business and finance, social partners and NGOs. Also provides background data on population, employment, and leaders of businesses

Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics

Located at the Queen’s University in Belfast Ireland, this website provides current data and information on women in politics in Ireland and Great Britain.

Austrian Parliament – Nationalrat

Website by the Australian Parliament which allows you to find data on the number of women in the Nationalrat (lower chamber) for every legislative period since 1920 by year as well as by party.

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