Gender Issues

General Resources

European Equality Law Network

Provides country overviews on gender equality laws.

Gender Politik Online (in German)

Gender analysis and reports by the Free University of Berlin in German.

Women Rights Around the World

Infographics compiled by the Women Stats project on various issues of gender discrimination worldwide.


Wikipedia site dedicated to gender issues on campaigns, economy and finance, employment, governance and civic engagement, laws, networks, science, society and culture, violence against women, youth, education and skills, environment, gender equality theory, health, human well-being, innovation and technology, migration, organizations, peace and security, social norms, and statistics. Also allows search by country with gender specific information on individual countries.

The Guardian – Gender

Collection of news articles published by the Guardian on gender issues in the United Kingdom and around the world. The Guardian also has a section on the issue of feminism.

The Female Factor

A collection of news stories discussing gender equality and women’s empowerment published by the New York Times

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Think Tank on women’s issues in the United States. Conducts research and publishes findings on:

  • Employment, Education, & Economic Change – Employment and Job Quality, Economic Status of Women in the States , Pay Equity and Discrimination, Access to Higher Education, Unemployment and the Economy
  • Democracy & Society – The Status of Women and Girls, Immigration and Religion, Women in Unions, Women’s Political Participation
  • Poverty, Welfare, & Income Security – Retirement and Social Security, Poverty, Katrina and the Gulf Coast, Welfare Reform
  • Work & Family – Early Care and Education, Family Leave and Paid Sick Days, Workplace Flexibility
  • Health & Safety – Women’s access to health insurance, costs and benefits of preventative health services for women, costs of domestic violence

The Wilson Center

Collection of news, events, blogs, and publications on various issues of gender and gender equality.

OSCE – Gender Equality

Information by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on gender equality focusing on gender mainstreaming in policies and equal opportunities among OSCE member states.

International Federation of Human Rights

A collection of news and reports on the state of women’s rights around the globe.

International Women’s Web Sites

List of women’s websites concerned with women’s matters outside of North America. Published by: Joan Koreman (2013)

Women’s Studies and Feminist Theory

Collection of works and links compiled by University of California, Santa Barbara concerned with women’s and feminist theory.

History in Focus

British website that contains multiple resources on the history of gender, including articles, a bibliography, websites, research, and book reviews

US States – Specific Resources



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