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Bundeszentral für politische Bildung

Statistik für Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund


European Election Database

The primary goal of this website is to facilitate comparative research on elections in Europe. The database publishes regional election results according to the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), level 1 to 3.

The data sets available at this website make it possible to compare and contrast election results across countries and regions and conduct comparisons over time. As most of the data sets are aggregated to correspond with the EUs NUTS definition, it facilitates studies that incorporate additional statistical measures as demography, labour market, etc.

Data are collected from national election authorities, national statistical agencies and other official sources.

International Foundations for Electoral Systems

ACE – The Electoral Knowledge Network

The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network is your portal to the world of elections. The ACE network promotes credible, and transparent electoral processes with emphasis on sustainability, professionalism and trust in the electoral process. ACE offers a wide range of services related to electoral knowledge, assistance and capacity development.

The ACE website is an online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information and customised advice on electoral processes. The website  contains  in-depth articlesglobal statistics and data, an Encyclopaedia of Elections, information onelectoral assistance, observation and professional developmentregion- and country-specific resources, daily electoral news, an election calendarquizzesexpert networks and much, much more.


Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii Manoa

Research Guide to SEA Studies by University of Washington

The Association of Asian Studies – Resource Guide

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