“The Local Diffusion of International Human Rights Norms – Understanding the Cities for CEDAW Campaign” (forthcoming with International Studies of Feminist Politics)

“Womenomics Under Abe’s Leadership: Signs of Feminization of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan?” (with Linda Hasunuma, forthcoming with Representation)

“Conservative Feminists? An Exploration of Feminist Arguments across Parliamentary Debates in the Bundestag” (forthcoming with Parliamentary Affairs)

 The Right Women: Republican Party Activists, Candidates, And Legislators, Malliga Och and Shauna Shaumes (editors).Praeger Press 2018

A powerful exploration of the role of women in the Republican Party that enhances readers’ understanding of gender representation in the GOP and suggests solutions to address the partisan gender gap.

Why is the Republican Party dominated by men to a far greater extent than its primary rival? With literature on conservative women in the United States still in its infancy, this book fills an important gap. It does so by examining Republican women as distinct from their male Republican and Democratic female counterparts and also by exploring the shifting role of Republican women in their party and in politics overall. The book brings those subjects together in one volume that will provide fascinating reading to students, scholars, and anyone else interested in U.S. politics.

The analysis is presented in four parts, beginning with a look at the role of women as voters and activists in the GOP. The second section explores the process of candidate emergence, tackling the question as to why so few women run as Republicans and why those who do are less successful than their Democratic female and Republican male counterparts. In the third part, the contributors shed light on Republican women in Congress and state legislatures and their behavior as lawmakers. The final section assesses the outcome of the 2016 election for Republican women in general and, specifically, for Carly Fiorina, the only female candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Each section of the book concludes with a short “guide to action” that takes the insights set forth and applies them to suggest ways to promote a greater involvement of women in the Republican Party.

“The Feminization of the Grand Old Party?” in The Right Women: Republican Party Activists, Candidates, And Legislators, co-edited volume,  Praeger Press 2018

“Talking about my generation and class? Unpacking the descriptive representation of women in Asian parliaments” Devin Joshi and Malliga Och. Women’s Studies International Forum. Volume 47, Part A, November–December 2014, Pages 168–179

Since women (like men) differ in their interests and perspectives, we argue, that studies of the descriptive representation of women in politics ought to consider not only how many women are elected, but also which segments of the female population are proportionally represented and under-represented. Applying this framework to new data on the demographic characteristics of over 4000 members of parliament from sixteen countries in Asia, we find female MPs typically unrepresentative of their country’s female populations at the pivotal intersections of social class and generation. With few exceptions, the majority of women (those who are young, elderly, in working-class occupations, and with average levels of education) are highly under-represented despite considerable variation across countries in electoral systems, quotas for female representation, and levels of socio-economic development. These findings raise interesting questions and offer new avenues for future research on the descriptive representation and substantive representation of women in politics.

Available here

Marching Beyond Red vs. Blue. Huffington Post. 2017 (with Shauna Shames)

From the Stove to the Frontlines? Gender and Populism in Latin American and Western Europe. Duck of Minerva. 20017 (with Jennifer Piscopo)

Where Women Win. 2016. Contributor and Editor.

Clearing the Primary Hurdles. Republican Women and the GOP Gender Gap. 2015. Contributor and Editor. 


Work in Progress

“The Expression of Male Representation – A Study of Parliamentary Speech Interruptions in Germany,” article manuscript

Gender, Feminism, and Christian Democratic Parties in Europe (book manuscript)

(with Jillian Christiansen) Gender and Class in the Welsh and Scottish parliament (in preparation)

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion across European Parliaments (in preparation)

(with Jennifer Piscopo) Parliamentary Diversity, Symbolic Representation, and the Rise of Populism (in preparation)


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