Selected Class Syllabi

  1. Introduction to Comparative Politics: MOch_PSCI 3022
  2. Introduction to International Relations: Syllabus_updated
  3. Seminar: International Organizations Seminar: Syllabus IO
  4. Seminar: Women and Politics from a Comparative Perspective: INTS 3701
  5. The World Today: Spring 2018
  6. Introduction to the European Union: EU syllabus
  7. Gender, Race, and Human Rights: GRHR Spring 2017GRHR Spring 2018
  8. World Government: IS 3301
  9. The Future of Europe after Brexit: Syllabus EU after Brexit
  10. European Politics: European Politics_syllabus

Youtube Material for selected topics:

  1. Videos to teach Intro to the European Union
  2. Videos to teach Introductions to International Relations
  3. Videos to teach Women and Politics
  4. Videos to teach International Relations Theory

Teaching International Relations

  1. Worldmapper includes maps displaying various issues scaled by severity/degree. Also includes gender indices among many others.
  2. PBS Frontline: Teachers’ resource center with video clips, debate questions, and student handouts.
  3. World Policy Forum: Provides tables and world maps on various policy issues including education, health, adult labor, gender, marriage, families, equal rights and discrimination etc.

Teaching – Human Rights

  1. Collection of Materials on Human Rights by OHCHR including fact sheets and special issues on selected human rights topics such as women, minorities, or indigenous people
  2. Status of international human rights treaties collected by OHCHR

Teaching Gender in (International) Politics:

  1. Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights: Collection of Syllabi
  2. American Philosophical Association: Diversity and Inclusiveness Syllabus Collection
  3. Women Suffrage and Beyond: Course outlines and teaching materials
  4. University of Pittsburgh collection of WGS syllabi
  5. PBS Women, War and Peace: videos, classroom activities, and lesson plans on the role of women, gender, and international war and peace

Teaching Political Science:

  1. New York Times – Lesson Plans
  2. APSA – Teaching Resources
  3. PBS News Hour – Lesson Plans
  4. PBS Frontline – Teacher Center
  5. European Union – Teacher Corner

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